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Women in Classical Music Symposium

The fourth year of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Women in Classical Music Symposium (November 6-9, 2022) focuses on inspiring women in the field of classical music.

Despite the fact that women outpace their male counterparts in graduation from prominent conservatories and schools of music, they are severely underrepresented in titled conducting positions, in programming by major orchestras, on stage as soloists and in management leadership positions.

The symposium strives to help women reach their full potential professionally, while simultaneously acting as a catalyst for broad-scale change in the industry. This year’s edition will focus on the future female leaders of our field and how we as women can support one another in this revolutionary shift. Everyone is welcome!

The symposium will include networking events, performances and opportunities for peer engagement on the unique experiences of women in classical music.

WICM 2022 Student Flyer.jpg
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